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Photos I used a Holga camera to make the image

Home Developed Holga Goodness

I finally did some B&W; developing at home today. So far, so good! The biggest pain was using a dark bag to put the undeveloped film onto some metal spools. Once on the spools, they go into a stainless tank and chemicals are poured in and agitated for a while. It’s a whole thing.
Anyways, here are some from the first roll of film!

Holga Cameras on Sale at Amazon now!

$18.99 for a Holga!
Jump in now, and be prepared for Holga Goodness of your own!
The only drawback is the $1 or so a shot cost for the photos.
I’m planning a to do a beginning to end post about doing Holga stuff soon.
Full disclosure: If you use the link above and make a purchase, I get a kickback.
Better Hurry, I don’t know how long the sale will last!
Sale’s over! Still $27.50 ain’t bad!

More Holga Goodness

I liked the shadows and the closest tree

I’ve been trying to get this last image with my digital for a while. It took the $30 Holga and film to capture the mystery of a crossing, the way it feels to me.

Ignoring the subject matter, I like the shapes and colors

One of the things I like about these images is their timeless feel. It’s not obvious straight off if this photo was done a month ago, or in the 1930s. I like that.

One of my favorite images, ever.

Another of my favorites, ever.