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26th of 30 Posts

The fourth of July 2019 at a scene I’ve shot many times and moods. This feels like a hot summer day on the Delaware Bay at Port Mahon. If you’re familiar with the location, you know the smell of dead horseshoe crabs, marsh and salt water, the buzz of various sky demons from hell (biting flies of the most aggressive sort) and the sound of the gulls squawking as they wheel in the air.

Clouds aren’t Always a bad thing

Day 25 of the 30 Day Challenge

While we waited for a few hours to get into Versailles last April, the weather was going through a few changes. It went from bright and sunny, to misty with wind, then backed off a bit and finally gray and almost raining while we were in the Gardens. Lots of folks think blue skies make the best photos, but I prefer high, poofy, white clouds in the background to have some visual interest.

A palace at Versailles, nary a cloud in view, fairly windy too!
Fence details at Versailles, High, Poofy, White clouds

Paris Impressions

Day 24 of 30 Day Challenge

We stayed a few blocks away in an Air BNB

It was amazing to be in Paris and see the landmarks. It felt surreal in many ways.

Train Station

Public transportation is on point in Paris and Amsterdam. This train station had so many repeating details and people for scale

Older Building
Inside the Air BNB
In the Paris Metro
Of Course I did an Eiffel Tower shot!
Beautiful details
Older building

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