high poofy clouds make the photo more interesting

Clouds aren’t Always a bad thing

Day 25 of the 30 Day Challenge

While we waited for a few hours to get into Versailles last April, the weather was going through a few changes. It went from bright and sunny, to misty with wind, then backed off a bit and finally gray and almost raining while we were in the Gardens. Lots of folks think blue skies make the best photos, but I prefer high, poofy, white clouds in the background to have some visual interest.

A palace at Versailles, nary a cloud in view, fairly windy too!
Fence details at Versailles, High, Poofy, White clouds

5 thoughts on “Clouds aren’t Always a bad thing”

    1. If I have to shoot in mid-day light, I always hope for either poofy or hazy clouds to kill the contrast , Thanks for the kind words!

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