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Paying Attention is Half the Battle

Day 20 of 30 day challenge

I like to shoot live events and see what develops! (see what I did there?) The lovely and very talented Kaley Hill (You might know her from her appearances on the Voice!) came to the House of Coffi this summer for a little outdoor show. She and her band were very interactive with the small but enthusiastic crowd. Kayley say’s Dolly Parton is one of her big influences. You can tell that in her interactions while performing and while on break too! One little girl seemed really enamored with Kaley. During an intermission, the star struck child got to have a picture done with Kaley. Kaley’s enthusiasm for her fan almost matched the fan’s enthusiasm for her. That told me a lot about Kaley. Something I thought worth catching and sharing.

When I shot weddings, I enjoyed catching the interactions between the family members and the wedding party way more than the more formal photos that I tried to get through as quickly as possible. For weddings, it’s important to be thinking two steps ahead and think about where the emotion is going to come out, and be in the right spot for that. That training and experience showed me that the good stuff happens in the breaks… When I saw the girl, and heard the break was coming, I just kind of hung off and waited to see what would happen. Sometimes it’s nothing, but many times, it’s gold. And the best shot of the day!

Kaley on guitar at the House of Coffi
Mutual fans sharing a moment together!

Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge

Gonna change this up a little. I made some postcards at using RentAPress. I used iPhone photos that folks had said they liked off my Facebook or Instagram. They were cheap to buy with no charge for shipping at the time and so… here we go! I didn’t make enough of these to send one to everyone on my list, but, if you’re on my list, or want to be, drop me a line and I’ll send one to you!

This was in camera and I did it at Brecknock Park in Camden, Delaware. It was near sunset time while I was walking for steps and I loved how the light was cutting along the bridge. The flare was not added in post.

I love Blackeyed Susans and was happy to see this one spotlighted in a narrow beam of sunlight. There’s nothing added in post to this.

This was down at Cape Henlopen State park with some friends from Germany and this sunset popped into place for just a few minutes. Within 5 minutes after this, the sky was a uniform boring grey.

This boat is a very popular subject for Delaware photographers. I was out shooting last weekend and found that someone had spray painted some rude graffiti right near the front of the boat. I’m not surprised, just disappointed. Anyways, I loved the light on the boat and the cool clouds in the background.