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It’s Always about the Light

I did these two photos of the back side of a building in New Albany, Mississippi early one morning while out with my friend Lowry. In the first one I liked the raking shadows and how the light bounced off the right window onto the electrical circuit box in what should have been the shaded side of the box.

In the second one, I got closer, and filled the frame with what I cared most about. You can see the light came in hard from camera right. That light bounced of the window on the right onto the electrical box. It also bounced off the left window, onto the inside part of the window to the right. That right hand window should be all shaded without the bounce!

New Albany, Mississippi morning light
Morning light bouncing off window panes and creating shadows
You can almost always take better photos by getting closer.

You Knew an Angel Had to Pop up

Day 13 of 30 day challenge

While down in Tupelo Mississippi last year, I came across this angel outside the courthouse. She was placed there in the 1908 by the local Women’s Christian Temperance League in commemoration of Statewide Prohibition. At some point, her hand fell off. It’s interesting that I bet there are duplicates of her in many cemeteries.

I wonder what Elvis might have thought about seeing her when he was a kid.

I wonder which version you prefer, the black and white shot on film, the color shot with a digital camera or the black and white I did with a digital? Both digital images were done with my Fuji x100F.

Temperance Angel in Tupelo Mississippi (Holga Film)
Women’s Christian Temperance League Prohibition Commemoration Statue in Tupelo, Mississippi. (Fuji x100F digital)
Digital with Fuji x100F to compare to the Holga first image.

I love Hand Done Signs

Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge

When I go on road trips it seems like most of the country is being corporatized. It seems like whenever I get to a new town, there’s very little to distinguish it from the last town. Sprawl has taken over and it’s the same pattern over and over. Things are done to stay on brand, logos are the same at every outlet in the country, etc. There is no way to see the hand of a human that created something.

Hand done signs like these took time from someone’s day. They had to gather the materials and then concentrate long enough to do a good job and have something presentable in the end. Something to convey information to folks that need it. Sometimes despite the best laid plans, some folks make misnakes. It happens to the best of us. The last sign was in New Albany, Mississippi. An old bridge had been taken down and was being used to support a bandstand thing. The sign was left alone, and was apparently in place for many years that the bridge was part of a small overpass.

Sign in Water Valley, Mississippi
Sign at the site of William Faulkner’s mansion
Bridge sign with spelling error
Wait for it….New Albany, Mississippi