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I applied for a Photo Residency

I’ve been going to the Slow Exposures shows in Georgia for a few years now. They offer residencies each year to encourage photographers and other artists to set aside some focused time to come to the area and create their art. Residencies are typically at very low or  no cost to the artists so they can focus on their work. Anyways, I had to select 6 photos to show them and also submit a few paragraphs about my art and what I want to do. I wanted to come up with a cohesive group of photos that would show a little about my vision and what I’ve done before. This was much harder than you  can imagine! I came up with 3 different groups of photos. Two done with my Holga cameras and one straight digital. I tried to keep them in the area where the residency is. Here are the three groups I considered.

Black and White Holga Photos:

Color Holga Photos

Color Digitals:

Which group do you think I should have submitted?

I’ll post my essay and choices in a few days…


PopUp Art Show at the Dover Art League this weekend!

a few of the 150 plus photos I hung this weekend for the show!


Late last week the President of the Dover Art League (Autumn Gain) asked me if I could put together a show of my photos in time for the Old Dover Days weekend. Which is this weekend….
I said something to the effect of “uhhhhh…. sure”… My friend Winifred Way offered to help me and boy did she come through! We were going to try to figure out which 15-20 photos I wanted to get printed and framed so I got a bunch of proofs done to sort and select from… Winnie and I were going about it diligently when both of us had the same thought at about the same instant… “What happens if we hang all these proofs instead of a smaller group?”

In true Mickey Rooney “Hey Gang, lets put on a show!” fashion a plan started to come together! Winnie cut all the 6×6 mats, by hand(!!!) and we proceeded to attach the 4×4 prints to them. I had to cut the prints from the 4×6 proofs I had made before! I signed the mat boards and then Autumn and her husband and my wife Mary and I got busy hanging the prints. OMG they look amazing in the gallery!

Here’s the Description of the show I posted on Facebook earlier tonight:

David Wolanski is excited to announce a Pop Up show of 150 plus Black and White Photos during the Old Dover Days Weekend at the Dover Art League Gallery. The prints are 4×4 and mounted on 6×6 Mat board at $10 each. There will be a limited number of 8×8 Prints on 10×10 mats available too at $75 each. All of the photos were created using a toy camera and film for a cinematic, dreamlike look. If you decide to make a purchase, you can carry the photos home immediately!

The Opening Reception will be from 6-8 PM on Friday. David will be at the Dover Art League Gallery for the Reception and for the festivities downtown on Saturday from 10-5.

There will be a raffle for a brand new toy camera with a drawing Saturday at 5 PM.

This is going to be an amazing Art Weekend! The Biggs Gallery is opening their Ansel Adams show, and Park Green Gallery is showing some new Dover specific paintings too. Make a mini-Art Loop of your own and visit all three locations.

On top of that there will be Old Dover Days festivities all weekend and a Beer event on Loockerman Street Saturday too.

Downtown Dover is an exciting place this weekend!

So, if you’re local to Dover, come on out this weekend!


My Response to the Still Waters show at Dover Art League in October.

I’ve been processing my reaction to putting together the Still Waters Show at the DAL in October with Natasha. And doing the opening and talks.

I’m a better photographer than writer, but I wrote this little bit. It’s been stewing inside:

I saw you at the show.  I saw you walking through looking at the photos, and reading some stories. I saw your pain. And grief. And the catharsis you felt, even for a moment.

I heard you at the opening. Or at the artist talk. Or some other time. I heard more than you said when you said “Thank you for doing this”. I know you could have said more, but didn’t. You didn’t have to say it; I know you had this in your life.

Sadly, there was more than one of you. That was one of the drivers for the show and the project.

I’m humbled by the courage you showed coming to the show. I hope you found some peace and healing. More than one of you said you did.

That made all my work worth while. I’ll keep doing this. I have to.


To be clear, I’m not necessarily talking about a specific person. Or people.

I want to thank all the folks that came out and the folks that supported me, Natasha and the work.

There was a nice TV report about the show. 

The show made the largest newspaper in the state too!

I especially want to thank the survivors that made the show possible. Those that came, and those that couldn’t.

I started my part of the project a few years ago. I didn’t know exactly how it would work, but I knew I had to start. The work isn’t done, it’s really just started. But I think I’m on the right track.