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Clouds aren’t Always a bad thing

Day 25 of the 30 Day Challenge

While we waited for a few hours to get into Versailles last April, the weather was going through a few changes. It went from bright and sunny, to misty with wind, then backed off a bit and finally gray and almost raining while we were in the Gardens. Lots of folks think blue skies make the best photos, but I prefer high, poofy, white clouds in the background to have some visual interest.

A palace at Versailles, nary a cloud in view, fairly windy too!
Fence details at Versailles, High, Poofy, White clouds

Keukenhof Gardens Impressions

Day 23 of 30 day Challenge

Last year I went to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and visited the art museums and Keukenhof Gardens. They are open from late March to Mid May and get hundreds of thousands of visitors in that about 8 week window. Everyone comes to see about 7 million flowers in bloom. It’s amazing! Getting photos of big areas without people in them was pretty much impossible. I tried a few things out and they came out kind of cool!
I liked doing the double exposures because they kind of give the feel of the place. A riot of color, all kind of blending.

Tulips against a yellow backdrop outdoors
Double exposure on film
This is more about the blooms and petals on the ground. I love the diagonal through the corners

Versailles with a Holga

Day 22 of 30 day challenge

I had the opportunity last year to visit Paris and Amsterdam for about 10 days. It was amazing. I had such a good time going to the museums. Versailles was the hardest part of the trip in that the government had shut down part of the subway due to Yellow Vest protestor worries. We got to Versailles two hours later than we had planned and ended up in line for over an hour. Anyways… it was amazing. I think I enjoyed the Gardens and outdoors more than the palaces. Enjoy the Holga goodness! I have mixed feelings about the whole place. The people had it miserable and the “nobility” lived in luxury. Well other than the fact there were no indoor restrooms in the palace. Google it…

Repeating patterns at Versailles
One of the faces. Each was different on the Palace
Cool photo in the gardens