Shallow thoughts about a deep subject

I was out driving around near sunset and came across an old cemetery next to a really old church. I’ve been thinking about death a lot lately (big surprise there!). I’m sure I could write a maudlin essay about it all, but that would require me to organize my thoughts, and I’m just not feeling like examining them in any kind of detail. First because I have other things to do ( I’ll rest when I die) and second, as near as I can tell, it’s (death that is) pretty unavoidable.

Anyways.. Seeing this made me wonder lots of things… What this little girl would have thought about a 46 year old looking at her head stone 136 years after she died. What took her from her parents, how did they deal with it, did she have siblings, how long did the surviving members live, how did the little girl’s life and death affect the community… So, the death of a little girl so long ago stirred things up for me. Posted by Picasa