I’m a freakin rib artist

Take a look at all the before pics! Don’t you wish you were here! Sue took the people pics, I took the food pics. Yes comments were made about taking pictures of the food!

I only made the ribs because my mom likes them so much. The rest of us just tolerate them for her sake. Posted by Picasa

5 thoughts on “I’m a freakin rib artist”

  1. Did Mary cheat and get the KFC Cole Slaw? 😉 Tell her next time to put it in a pretty bowl… and NO ONE would know the difference! LOL

  2. Why is the corn so pale? TEXAS corn is a bright corn yellow – like real corn is supposed to be! You Yanks need some corn lessons!

  3. Thats yankee genetic mutant triploid super sweet corn, much sweeter than your namby pamby everything is bigger in texas corn.

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