Discovery Cove Rocks!

We went to Discovery Cove for one day as part of our trip to Florida. We all had a blast. It wasn’t cheap,but it was so much better than Universal or the Mouse. I never even made it to Disney, and to be honest, I didn’t miss it. I mean, Disney is ok, it just doesn’t match Discovery Cove. Reasons I like the Cove:

  1. It’s all inclusive. We didn’t have to pay for anything above the entry fee. We had awesome lunches and free snacks and beverages all day. Universal tagged us for $35 for a lunch that Wendy’s outdoes.
  2. It’s not crowded. They limit the number of people that come in each day. They have purposely designed it so there are very rarely lines for anything. Compare this to 45 minutes in line for a 5 minute ride at other parks
  3. Dolphins. It was awesome swimming and interacting with them! We got to pet, kiss, hug the dolphin and then she gave us a little ride… amazing!
  4. We all loved the Aviary. Free food to give to the birds and they land on you! sheesh. There were about 200 kinds of birds in there, most of which I had never seen before.
  5. Snorkeling in a big saltwater impoundment with 9000 fish. Stingrays with 8 foot or bigger wing spans.
  6. No nausea from rides that took too long to get on, since there were no rides!
  7. Free admission to Sea World for a week!
  8. No badgering for time shares! We went to Universal, paid about a hundred bucks to get in, and they were bothering us with free ticket offers….