Cape Henlopen State Park Lighthouse Shots

I attended a meeting last week down at Cape Henlopen State Park.The meeting was interesting, but I really liked the opportunity to get these photos. I went out to the Cape and walked out to the beach. It was pretty desolate there, but I had a great view of the Light House that’s there by the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal. What you can’t see in the shots is that I was taking the photos in winds that were gusting up to 40 mph! I like the ones with the killer blue skies best

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  1. Another place I wanna visit – the seaside on the upper east coast. Rent a beach house and walk the beaches and light a fire at night and eat seafood until i’m sick. The path picture is an invitation to everyone to experience the seaside. It just beckons one to explore the relaxing beach that lay just over the hill.

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