Some still lifes and some knuckleheads

We went down to the Polar Bear Plunge in Rehoboth Beach today. 2400 fundraisers agreed to jump into the Atlantic ocean in February to raise money to support the Special Olymics. It got to 53 degress today, water temp = 43, both near records for the event. But, It’s freakin February! There were thousands of folks there to support them too. Lots of girls in bikinis, so it wasn’t all bad! After the Plunge we ate lunch at a restaurant near the boardwalk. I saw the glass of water sitting there, and had to try to get a photo of that lemon, glistening in the sun. I liked both of the water shots, I can’t decide which I like better. Leave a comment if you have a favorite,or if you don’t like either one!
I took another one of the glass with my lunch in front of it to try out something I read about online. It looks like it worked out!

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