Book reviews and a bonus movie plug

My nephew’s wife (I’m pretty sure that makes her my niece, but, I’m going with wife in case that’s not true. not that thats relevant. yeah, the ADD is kickin in!) loaned me an awesome book “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” It was written by a cheese eating surrender monkey, I mean a frenchman. Specifically, he was the editor of a major french fashion magazine, right up till the time he had a massive stroke. The stroke left him unable to talk or move, with the exception of blinking his left eye. He worked out a system with his therapist where she would say a special alphabet of letters, in order of frequency of use in french, till she hit his letter, and he would blink his eye. Then she would record it,and start the next letter. For a whole book. One letter at a time.

All that was impressive in it’s own right, but not enough to make it a book worth buying. The writing does that. It’s wonderful. Poetic. Inspiring. Incredible. He describes the people around him, the things that give him pleasure,and irritate him, all in precise witty detail. Yeah, I liked it. I’ll read it again. Soon. You should read it now!

On a photographic note, I posted a minireview of a book I haven’t finished reading yet, since I just got it today. It’s a wonderful book for anyone interested in photography. Go to my tips blog and read the review, then click through on the link, and order it!

I went to see “Bucket List” this weekend. The premise of the movie sounds like it’s going to be depressing. It’s not. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are perfect together in this Buddy movie with a message. I liked it. If you ever liked either actor, it’s definitely worth seeing. You could wait for it to come out on DVD, the big screen isn’t necessary for the story, but I recommend seeing it one way or the other. I plan to buy it on DVD when it’s available. Maybe then I won’t get that grain of sand in my eye right at the end. Again. Go see it!