Foodie Shots Rasika Restaurant, Washington D.C.

We went to Washington D.C. last night to meet up with some friends and go to Rasika Restaurant in DC, then go to see “Capital Steps” a comedy satire group that pretty thouroughly skewers politicians and politics in both parties. Anyways, the restaurant was top notch in every way. The food, decor and service were impeccable. If you want top quality Indian food in D.C. you can’t go wrong here. Unless you don’t plan a few weeks in advance. WHen our reservatoins were made last week, all that was letft was before six, or after 10.

What you’re seeing here is some water chestnuts in some kind of batter then fried, in front of an asparagus dish and in the back left some fried spinach with a salsa. The ladies at the table said they must have put the spinach in extremely hot oil just long enough to get it wet. It was pleasantly crunchy and the salsa was lightly spicy.
I have some other shots on my Flickr page, just click through.
The food was awesome and the show was a blast. My friends invited me to stay over and go shoot the cherry blossoms and the zoo first thing. I took them up on the offer! We were out the house right at about sunrise then took Rock Creek Park expressway to get over by the tidal basin and the Cherry Blossom festival. It was a little drizzly, but still worth it. Look at the shots below and check the Flickr page.