Are you gonna eat that?

These are blue crabs, cooked to perfection with Old Bay Seasoning in Little Creek, Delaware just a few hours ago. Thats the only way you eat them in Delaware, for the record.
Note that fully cooked blue crabs have a nice orangey color. I always wonder who the first person was who said… “I wonder how that thing tastes?”.
They are after all, Callinectes sapidus, a marine invertebrate crustacean with a bony exoskeleton that they frequently shed as they grow in size. They are close relatives of shrimp and lobster. Crabs eat lots of dead stuff on the bottom of the bay, and are easy to catch with some old chicken, just a little rotted if you please. They are cooked by steaming them alive. To eat them you have to pretty much rip them apart, tearing them limb from limb. It’s best not to think about it in any detail. Rather, enjoy the tasty white flesh, then wash the Old Bay down with a nice cold beer. It’s also important to wash hands before using the restroom due to the spicy nature of Old Bay and it’s effect on mucous membranes. Don’t ask me how I know! After a few hours of picking and eating them, go to McDonalds to get a cheeseburger to get full!

Mom likes to have them at least once a summer on her birthday. Happy Birthday mom!

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