Talk about a multi-cultural melting pot!

Mom asked me what I wanted to have for dinner a few weeks ago when her firend came for a visit and I said Sukiyaki. She was like “do you know how much trouble that is?” and I was like “yeah, so?” It worked out well, if you ask me! I like the blur of the addition of the Kikkoman sauce to the Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is apparently a social event in Japan, the end of the meal has the best flavors since things are added and removed as they are cooked.

That’s a Japanese dinner being prepared here in the US by a Catholic Priest who is a very good friend of the family. He worked in Japan for a quarter century and has been back in the states for 10 or 15 years now. The beef in the pot he’s cooking is halal beef, for my Bangladesh born Muslim niece and her husband, my nephew. She is at the bottom left of the photo, his head is at the bottom right, in front of the mushrooms. The second pot to the left of the photo is the pot for the vegetarians at the table. You can also see a few senior citizens at the table, and a teen ager.

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