Bryce is a lucky young man

I swear sometimes I’m turning into a girl. I got the chance to make some beautiful photos today with Bryce, his mom Katie and dad Ryan. There I go perpetuating the name dad last stereotype. That’s an issue for another day. Bryce is about 5 weeks old now. I know his mom from work and she asked me if I could take some photos of him, and them. We set it up for today and I couldn’t be happier with the images. They are such a loving couple and he is clearly the center of their world. Katie practically glows with her motherhood. I sent Katie and Ryan a link to the photos and she sent me a thank you email that have me very verklempt. Like the end of old yeller or something. The images were emotional to me and the note was even more so. I feel like the images I got today were the reason I’ve been so passionate about photography for the last few years. I better stop gushing now.

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