3 Versions of I dream of Chicken Poop… and waiting

This shot from the other day had to be the nastiest smelling place I’ve ever done a photo shoot. Somehow it seemed wrong to bring a pretty girl there, but… I’m an artist! Joy and Tim were troopers. Tim was Joy’s driving buddy and my VAL. He’s a good friend of Joy’s and a photographer too. While we were setting up the shot I said it should look like she’s dreaming… dreaming of chicken poop. There’s no way to tell it in this image though. There is also no way to tell there was a very graphic bit of grafitti at the back of this shot. Thank goodness for photoshop! I noticed something in the color version after I posted it here that I didn’t see while editing the image. Can you figure out what it was?
The top version of the pic is my favorite.
Which do you like best?

Another image of a pretty girl by the window. Of course we wonder what or who she’s waiting for, and in this image why it’s such a messed up window.