Flickr and me: Brooke Shaden

ballet:vacate, originally uploaded by brookeshaden.

This photo is not one of mine, though I wish it was!

One of my favorite ways to see what’s going on photographically in the world is to check out, especially the explore section. Doing so gives me inspiration and really broadens my horizons. One of my favorite artists on the site is Brooke Shaden. Shes in California and barely in her 20s. Her images are beautiful, ethereal, surreal. She comes up with the most dreamlike stuff, and many of the photos are self portraits. Jumping in and out of photos is a serious challenge. One she’s handled well. I think the images will last like a great painting. Her work inspires me.
I’ll post others from time to time. In the meantime, go check out, especially Brookes work!