Scenes from Route 9, Delaware, last Monday

I had the photo bug bad the other day. Decided to get up at the crack of dawn and go shooting. I was hoping for some cool red skys, but that didn’t happen. I started at Port Mahon, then rode up Rt9, to see what I could get into. I was looking for the Deakyne House, well, really the water tower on the property and eventually found it. The water tower is a cool shape, and actually looks like some kind of lighthouse or something. The photos I did of the tower are just ok, so I didn’t post any of them. It’s a shame about the house and outbuildings though. The house has been there a long time, but it’s now boarded up, mostly. It seems vandals rip off a door or window plywood as soon as they’re up and go in and mess stuff up. About a hundred yards from the front door, there is an old family plot. I’ll post pics of some of the stones later. The plot is in very nice shape. Too bad they can’t keep the house and water tower maintained. After leaving the Deakyne property, I saw this cool looking tree in the woods. About the only one with leaves on it, or so it looked. I had to take some photos of it too.

This tree had a movie set feel to it.

Some kind of ag equipment in a shed that’s falling down

Behind one of the farm buildings at the Deakyne Home

Building falling in on itself

Cool pump in the pump house, natural light. I liked the shapes and textures

This pump has an anthropomorphic feel to it.

Cool details…

A different abandoned home near the Cedar Swamp Refuge

These shrines are fascinating to me on so many levels. The beer bottle behind this one made me mad!

Egg casing on the beach, exactly as I found it

Stumps in the water, they looked like they were part of a dock or something at one time. The photo right above this was shot hand held, very slow shutter speed, and gives it a dreamy feel.

3 thoughts on “Scenes from Route 9, Delaware, last Monday”

  1. love the awesome photos Dave!! Are you able to tell me how to get to the Deakyne house and the other abandoned house? I went riding out there yesterday to try to find it,(before i even knew about this post), and couldn’t find it!! Thanks for any help you may have!!

    1. Email me and I’ll send you some directions. I don’t want to make it easy for vandals to find.

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