In honor of the Oscars, Dave’s Best Picture Award!

I just got some of my favorite Holga photos in from my favorite lab, They did some true black and white prints for me that I really liked, on a special sale, so I have some extra prints. The prints are 8×10 inch with the images 6×6 centered on the print. So, here’s the deal. Pick your favorite for the best picture Oscar, before the start of the Oscars at 8pm eastern time, on Sunday the 7th and post it in the Comments. If you pick the winning movie, I’ll put you in a random drawing for one of the three prints above. I’ll sign and date the print too. One guess per person. Good luck!

Movies are:
The Blind Side
District 9
An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

20 thoughts on “In honor of the Oscars, Dave’s Best Picture Award!”

  1. I'll play. I have only seen Up and Avatar – they are both great movies but I doubt the best picture will go to either an animated or a sci-fi flick. So my vote is for "The Blind Side." – Love the three pictures Dave, especially the third one.

  2. This is a tough one. Avatar is good, but has some weak points (amazing graphics, weak storyline). The Blind Side is strong all around, amazing reviews, based on a true story. Inglorious Bastards was good, but I don't think it was Oscars good. Up-SO super cute, great morals behind it, but when was the last time an animated film won best picture? I haven't seen some of these, but Precious has been winning awards left and right.

    My vote is going to Precious, though Blind Side would be my second choice!

  3. I'm going completely for the dark horse here and voting for Hurt Locker. It has all the stuff Oscars love; innovative photography, low budget, grit, brutality and senseless war. What's not to love?
    Susan Kight

  4. Since I haven't been to a movie in probably 15 years I threw a dart & it landed on A Serious Man so I'm going with The Hurt Locker instead. Rhiannon Haras

  5. Is the Oscars on at the moment? In Oz we don't get to see it until tonight I think?

    I'll go for the Hurt Locker – if the draw is still open?

    District 9 was awesome, but probably not an oscars style movie…

    Love the print in the middle!

  6. We've got 3 Avatars, 3 Blind Sides, 4 Hurt Lockers and 2 Precious'! Rhiannon: That's an interesting bit of logic you used to select your winner! LOL

  7. WooHoo..Maybe I should throw darts more Now we'll see if Dave throws darts to see who's names they land on since there are 4 winners! Congrats to all! And a special Thanks to Dave for doing this! Rhiannon Haras

  8. Dangit David! You never tell me about these things and I never find out till its too late! …Brat :p

    U know I love ya even tho…

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