Amanda’s Maternity Photos

I met Amanda at the Mpix meetup in Pittsburg Kansas last week. We were talking and I told her how much I liked working with women to make photos. Amanda said she hadn’t been able to find anyone to do her maternity photos yet, so I was like “well…I’m here, I’d love to do them Sunday before I leave town”. We worked it out and had a lot of fun doing the shoot in the beautiful Loose Memorial Park in the heart of Kansas City. Tracy came along to do some photos too. It’s fun working with other photographers, including, one as the subject this time! Amazing park, and even more amazing images! Amanda and her husband were so much fun. It’s so obvious how much they love each other in these photos. Amanda just glows in them. More evidence I’m turning into a chick!

Look at her eyes! Amazing image, one of my best ever.

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