Loose Memorial Park Kansas City Strangers


I was working on Amanda’s maternity shoot and took the chance to shoot with some strangers in some opportune moments.
This is Sarah, her mom (whose name escapes me) Patricia (see comment below) and her dad, Joel. She was such a cutie! Mom was going to use her own camera to take some photos, but since I was set up, I asked if they wanted me to do some.

Daniale had some great ink, beautiful blue eyes and an open personality, so I had to ask her to get a photo!
I’d love to fix the names if the folks come here and see the photos!

2 thoughts on “Loose Memorial Park Kansas City Strangers”

  1. Hi!! Just getting to see the pic of the three of us now after going thru my text messages where I found your website address. Thanks!!

    I'm loving my Canon everyday more and more and just got Photoshop, so I'm doing some really neat stuff with my pics….still lots of stuff to learn though!!


  2. Glad you liked it Patricia! Photography is a never ending process. You should try out Lightroom too, it's much easier than Photoshop and has most of the functionality of it!

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