I’ve been wanting to photograph here, forever

Just got around to doing it after driving by it today. Some of these were done with my lensbaby lens. I love that lens for the way it highlights stuff by blurring the rest of the image

5 thoughts on “I’ve been wanting to photograph here, forever”

  1. I've been wanting to see new pictures here, forever!

    PS love these!


  2. Dave, you answered (and others) my request for help on Mpix forum. I've done everything but stand on my head to get back in to thank all of you. One minor quesion but unimportant compared to seeming to rude to say thank you for all the help. Because you have a blog and I seem to be able to get in touch with you this way, well, hope you don't mind, but would you let those who answered the post:

    Re: Advice on opening files from Camera Raw into Photoshop

    that I'm not ignoring them. Even the "help" button for the site doesn't work (brings up a page saying "error.) And I can't find any contact link for a website administrator.

    You guys are the best and I'm grateful for your help. Love your photograpy too!

  3. Marliz
    You can email me dave dot wolanski at gmail dot com and I'll try to help. It may help to clear your cache in your web browser to get back into the forum though…

  4. I used to know the person who lived in that house, went to high school with her. I always dream of doing some americana like shoot threre. its just such a unique home and barn.

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