Captain White Seafood City, Washington DC Fish Market with a Holga

More of my adventures in DC this last weekend. One of the things that I like about shooting with my Holgas is how they take details out so you fill them in yourself. I like how these images came out pretty much as I saw them in my head before shooting them. I have no idea why the flounder are displayed eyes down, belly up.

Fish on Ice in open air market
Strange enough in B&W and with the Holga, color digital takes it to a new realm.


4 thoughts on “Captain White Seafood City, Washington DC Fish Market with a Holga”

  1. Great photos Dave. I am beginning to think that Holgas, and the way their lenses work much more resembles how we actually see, then ‘regular’ cameras do.

    1. Exactly right Christian! From a purely technical view point they aren’t far off. We only see sharply about 1 or 2 % of our field of view that is at the point of focus. You can demonstrate this to yourself by holding your arm out, hand at an angle and focusing on the index finger. The pinky is blurred, relative to the index.
      As an artist, I tend to think of these as either faded memories or false memories. They’re my faded memories, but I’m giving you a false memory of a scene you were never at.

  2. Great stuff Dave. The quality of the B&W in these is extraordinarily interesting. I especially like the quality of the light as it interactes with the ice. Well done!

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