Color or Black and White, In the Fog, near Dover, Delaware

This farm is only a few miles from my house, probably a lot less as the crow flies. I love shooting in the fog. It gives an other worldly/cinematic feel to the photos. Besides, one of my earlier photos in the fog, made me insufferable for a year or so.

Anyways, here are two versions of the same photo. Which do you prefer? Answer in the comments please!



4 thoughts on “Color or Black and White, In the Fog, near Dover, Delaware”

  1. Well, I ‘like’ the b&w better, perhaps. However I also think the color version works extremely well, and I do think it depends what kind of mood you want to evoke, and what the body of work into which you want to ‘slot’ the image matters greatly.

    [I hate to say it, but I find your logo on the images extremely distracting]

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