Jacksonville Florida at the Riverside Art Festival, and the Cummer Museum with a Holga

Here are some photos I did while in Jacksonville visiting with my sister early this month. Just got them back from processing and scanned in. The photos at the Cummer Museum and Garden were done after I shot a roll of similar photos in B&W, though I thought they were color at the time. I have several Holgas. One of them has some stickers on it and I always load that one with color. Well, that’s what I thought. Turns out it was B&W, so the photos I did at the European Street Cafe to take advantage of the awesome colors were in B&W. I couldn’t go back there at the time, but I did get to re-do the ones in at the garden.

The Riverside Arts Market is pretty cool! Lots of great things happening there every weekend in the summer. Lots of people walking around in cool outfits and with dogs and stuff. I know I did a cool photo in color of a lady that wasn’t on this roll. It must be on the next roll that isn’t done yet. I’m definitely going back there next time I’m down!