Other Carshow Favorites…46 Ford, 57 Chevy and a Classic Wagon Detail

When I got to the Del Rods Car show last weekend, it was wrapping up, and most of the cars were scooting for home. Others were parked at angles that didn’t let me isolate the cars like I was able to in the prior posts. So… I didn’t get enough of these cars to get their own posts.

Gotta love a ticket me red car, no matter what the vintage! Loved the color, curves and chrome on this 46 Ford too.Who doesn’t love a 57 Chevy? Loved the Chrome and the colors on this.

Last but not least, the name plate from a Classic Wagon, the year I don’t recall. I liked the chrome, but what won me on this shot is the reflection of the other car, that I didn’t notice while shooting, but it was a happy accident when I got home.

Notice any other reflections, especially the first two photos?