Misty/Rainy Day on Rehoboth Beach

I was down at Rehoboth Beach staying at the Atlantic Sands Hotel for a meeting this week and went out to get some images after the meeting was over. I think foul weather gives me a more interesting photo sometimes, especially when shooting with my Holga.

It might be hard to see at this scale, but there is a couple in the center photo, well down the beach from where I was.

This image of Clam Diggers at Cape Henlopen State Park came at the expense of a considerable number of no-see-em bites. The little buggers were biting me up! It reminds me of the pictorialist photos of the late 1890s to 1910. Which reminds me of the Impressionist painters of the 1860s to 1880s.

The next few are different takes on the Benches on the Boardwalk.


3 thoughts on “Misty/Rainy Day on Rehoboth Beach”

  1. Ed, the ‘Holgas’ are absolutely superb and totally inspiring. I am not even going to try and pick a favorite. The mood and atmosphere in them is just so powerful.
    When we lived in Annapolis many, many years ago there was a book about a guy who had sailed around the Delmarva Peninsular in a small boat, he had some wonderfully ‘quite’ photos in it – distressingly I can neither find the book right now nor recall the title/name of the author.
    As you would surely guess, I am fascinated by the clam digger photo – great ‘mood’ too.
    Lots of Kudos for using a Holga. Are you exposing b&w or color film?

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I’ve heard of that book, though I’ve never seen it!
    I generally like to shoot my Holgas with B&W film that I develop at home then scan into Lightroom for spot removal and contrast adjustments. I go back and forth between Fuji Acros 100 and Tri-x400. The 400 seems to be one size fits all, and has pleasing grain.

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