Aunts on film

I was up in New England visiting with family a little while back and got a chance to do a few photos in quiet moments. These photos of my aunts mean a lot to me. I did these with some Portra film, under really poor lighting conditions and the film just took it in stride.

My aunt Kate is a bundle of energy. I don’t think she knows how to sit still. The day she was here she had her 5 year old great grand-child that she frequently baby-sits with her and there were a number of other stops and chores in her day. In between all that action, she took some time to work on the puzzle.

This photo of my aunt is how I usually see her when I visit. She almost never leaves the kitchen. She makes sure all her guests feel like kings and queens. She has been handed a series of challenges and handles them with such grace, dignity and a loving heart. We got to talk a little bit in her kitchen while she was doing some stuff for family. I felt lucky to be there and doing it.


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