10 thoughts on “Cape May New Jersey Impressions”

  1. Excellent photo essay of America’s first beach resort in the off season. Every image is perfect. Bravo.

    1. I liked the multiple time scales with the tracks. They were going to be erased by the next wave. The sand would be rearranged at the next tide and the rocks, though “permanent” would wear down too, eventually.

  2. Beautiful as always Dave!! I don’t remember seeing that structure in the sand when I was there, what is it?

    1. If you’re at the lighthouse park and go to the water, you’ll see the WWII bunker unit. I liked how it looked like something out of a Star Wars or Dune movie

  3. Great pictures, Dave! Everything is very familiar to me.. Where the bunker is- when you walk down the wooden railing walk way to the sand it takes your breath away… I love that beach. Will be there in June!

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