4 thoughts on “Because, Elvis. Hello. Legends Gifts, Nashville Tennessee”

  1. Love the card! My wife’s an artist, great taste. She saw that card and was pleased that I’d attracted a better class of correspondents. When you’ve sent a few, if you want reimbursed for the postage etc, merely let me know. Thanks a ton, David!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Maynard!Look around at the rest of the blog and see if there are any photos you want to nominate for future post cards!

  2. I laughed when I saw this image. Being from the Tupelo, MS area, AKA “the land of Elvis” I’ve seen this particular “pose” 100’s of times but for some reason, this one just stands out. Maybe it is the camera or the light… not really sure.

    1. Each Holga is different. I love how the one I used for this trip was very sharp in the center (well, for a Holga!) and soft on the edges.

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