The problem with Facebook and Lightroom

I guess I should say “a problem with Facebook”, because there are plenty to go around. I use Lightroom to manage and edit my photos. I do probably 95% of all my editing in light room and use Photoshop for some more advanced editing if the photos need the work. Lightroom has a great plugin (a program within the program) that makes it easy-peasy to publish photos straight from Lightroom into Facebook albums.
The problem is finding those photos to show them to folks when I’m out and about, using my cell phone. I ran into this the other night when I went to show some photos I’ve been doing over the years of the Mississippi Delta area to some folks at a blues music performance. No joy. I couldn’t find them… When I tried searching the blog, I had never posted them here.. dagnabit!
I need to fix that….

More to come soon!