5 thoughts on “My First Video on YouTube is about my Domestic Violence Project”

  1. WOW! High five on the vlogs !
    In my family(ies) alone, I can count 7 women who have suffered some form of abuse. Two generations. 8 if you count the near misses (rape) in my past.
    Most men just don’t get it. It was refreshing to hear that you do. Best of luck with all of this!

    1. I didn’t get it ’til a few years back. I had no idea it was so common. Before the veil came off I would have guessed 1:100 women experienced this nightmare…

      1. I think it is something ingrained in women. Or maybe just in families where abuse has taken place. But for women there is always this “caution, danger” little voice, or awareness that is always with us. You don’t focus on it, it may even be subconscious. But I don’t think men think about their safety on a daily basis, if ever really, in that way.
        It is great that you are starting conversations, getting it out there!

  2. Dear Dave: My cousin was a victim of domestic violence by her husband (a Police Chief’s son) for a few years. She came to our house in the middle of the night for protection and my husband sat up all night with a gun in case he came after her. The next day, we took her to a shelter for women and encouraged her to leave this loser, which she did. We took her to another town in another state and got her set up with new ID’s and a job, and a place to live. Thank God he has not found her yet, but she lives in fear every day. I don’t think men comprehend the trauma that women suffer from this type of violence, but I do and saw it first hand. They do need help and hope to find a way to help others. Thank you for bringing this to the surface.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The sad fact is her experience is all too common! I hope this project helps others like her find their way out of that hell!

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