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Here is the generic “About Me”  page for Photographers I wrote a few years back as a joke on a photography forum I’m on:

Hi. Welcome to my about me section. Where do I start? I’ve had a camera since I was (fill in ridiculous age here). It was a (Cheap, obscure camera no one ever heard of, or Kodak 110) that my dear (long dead relative:relationsship and name) gave me for my (ridiculously young, see 2 sentences ago) birthday. Photography has been a passion for me ever since! Since then I’ve been a (series of crazy jobs) but, in my heart I was always a photographer! 5 years ago, I graduated from (ivy league college or local state university) and got a wonderful job as a (high powered job) that was unsatisying at best until, through no fault of my own (or corporate malfeasance) I ended up losing that job. It was just natural for me to escape from that tragedy by taking up my camera once again. One thing led to another and many of my friends said “(cute knick name) what the heck are you doing doing that (high powered job) when you should be letting the world share your incredible vision?”  My awesome spouse (fill in their name) and wonderful children (name them)  have supported me ever since on this photographic adventure we call life. I look forward to capturing those special moments of your life and making the art that is within you come into view! See my galleries here: yada yada yada

So, I really can’t do that, now can I

What I can do is tell you I think I’m turning into a chick. It started with me liking glassware. It’s shiny and pretty. Then I started getting  all sensitive and stuff. Then it was ballet.  Then I started realizing the impact my photos can have.  Both on me, and on the subjects.  Especially the subjects. I’ve made them tear up, more than once.  Got me verklempt in the process too. I won’t put links to that in here though.  I found I wanted to do that. To make photos that matter to people. I want my photos to trigger emotions in their viewers. When that happens, it’s an amazing feeling for me as an artist.

When I work on these kind of photos, it’s a collaboration between me and my subject(s). I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the shoot, and how it’ll go. I stress over equipment, locations, lighting, what my client said they wanted, and why they wanted it.  I try to make the shoots fun, and personal.  When we’re shooting, I’m not in a hurry.  We’re making art. We’re making photographic memories. Its a big deal to me to get it right. Put another way, when I shoot your photos, you get a piece of me.

If that’s what you want in your photos, we should talk. I live in Dover, Delaware, but I can make photos with you anywhere from DC to Philly for the right project and client. Heck, fly me in to where you’re at! I’m open.   Hit that contact button up top to send me an email.

10 thoughts on “Get a piece of me (my about me page)”

      1. I found a few but you used to have a lot more, the ones you took are great shots though! I haven’t been out there in a few years.
        Thank You!

  1. You are an artist, an eloquent writer, and your photography is music to my eyes. Bravo man….very much looking forward to working with you as a model and am also grateful for your FB friendship too.

  2. I love this post David. Been reading your blog and I love how naturally your voice comes to you . I could use some lessons now that I have a website/blog LOL.

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