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Beautiful Light at Port Mahon

I was out at Port Mahon the other day and saw this amazing light as I was coming back home. The sky was mostly grey to dark grey and I saw the light filtering through a thinner patch of low hanging clouds to give this ethereal light. It only lasted less than a minute, on this spot, so I rushed and got this.. Light on wetlands in overcast conditionsThis could be a good metaphor for life. It’s short and fleeting. Some moments of pleasure and beauty will be missed if you aren’t there for them, either physically, or totally in the moment. There are no bright signs saying “look here!” If we don’t see them on our own, too bad.  If we’re busy gazing at our phones or otherwise distracted, we’re gonna miss them. It’ll be like they never happened.

When that light faded, I drove less than a mile down the road and waited to see if anything else would happen. Then the tanks of jet fuel for the Dover Air Force Base, lit up… especially the last tank on the right!

Light on Gas Tanks near Port Mahon, Delaware

My Chipotle Problem

Hi, my name is Dave, and I have a Chipotle problem.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’ve been posting photos of my food and hashtagging them #dorklord for a few years because I know it’s dorky to post photos of your food on the interwebs for other people to see.  Especially my Chipotle lunches! And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I send out postcards to anyone that asks to be on my mailing list from time to time because, well, I can. (If you’re not on my list, ask me, and I’ll add you! No obligation on either of our parts) Usually, I send a black and white photo I did with my Holga cameras, as I’ve told you about in the past.

Anyways, you can see where this is going, right? I decided I had to rock it old school and send out photos of my Chipotle lunches.  (Well a small portion of them anyways. I have over 200 forks from all the Chipotle meals I’ve had. But that’s the subject of another post another time) I had to send them because people have always shared their food photos, right?

24 Chipotle lunches
Yep. 24 meals!

On the back of the card, I put:

This is what people used to do, right?

#foodphotos #Chipotle #seemslegit



I sent out about 125 copies of the card and have a hundred or so left.  People told me they laughed out loud when they got it, and it was my best card ever! lol So much for my Holga art!

Chipotle is enabling me for the next few months with their Chiptopia Promotion! I’m all over that!

If you want on my list, let me know!

Delta Dream Post Card Series Story Contest

Here’s the text I posted over on Facebook about the end of the Delta Dream series!

Alright folks! I posted the final photos from the Delta Dream Series! Time to start working on your stories! The prize will be either a Blurb book of the photos (1 of 5 printed) or a 6×6 metal print of scene 6, the truck!
You need to email them to me at Put Delta Dream in the Subject line. I’m thinking by next Sunday? Let me know if that’s not long enough! I’ll post them on my blog and here and I’ll figure out who the winners are, probably by Facebook likes on the stories in another week? There are 20 scenes. You can use all or some, in whatever order you want.
Have fun with it!

mosaic of holga photos in the Delta Dream Series
Here are all 20 scenes on one image. I started with scene one upper top left corner and went across to scene 5 on the first row and so on.