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Serendipity and 24 Frames in May: A new favorite!

Don Gianatti of Phoenix Arizona and is a wonderful instructor, mentor, and photographer all rolled up into a nice guy. I’ve been working on a challenge of his to shoot 24 frames of film this month, just not all at once. He has some guidelines (not rules) here. You know me, I’m all about shooting film.  So, I was out with my new (to me) and untested Olympus Stylus Epic camera I just got off Ebay, as I couldn’t find one in a thrift store or flea market for a few bucks as the rumors on the net say you can. There is some risk doing this. An untested camera may get me a whole bunch of nothing if there are any problems. I have a roll of Black and White film in the camera from Freestyle. Its a rare beast nowadays as this is their house brand of re-packaged Kodak Tri-x film that is now discontinued.

Anyways, I went to the back of a shopping center to try one of my 3 frames (that day) on this arrangement of things

For months I've bee driving by thinking, I need to shoot the back of the building. The round to it just came in!
For months I’ve been driving by thinking “I need to shoot the back of the building.” The round to it just came in!

Then I saw this post and the green grass and the shapes in the pavement, so I had to use my point and shoot Canon Powershot S100 that I also use for video stuff.  I love how the post intersects the grass and retaining wall and is surrounded by the black pavement. I also liked how the post matched into the shadows when I worked it enough to see it eventually. This may be one of my favorite photos of inanimate stuff I’ve been shooting, looking at how things are arranged. Maybe one of my favorites ever.  And it’s neither a Holga photo or black and white!

Red Post, green grass

Red Post, Green Grass and Black Pavement
Red Post, Green Grass and Black Pavement

$3 camera challenge

I hate to say it. Our cameras don’t mean a damn thing. Its about what we see, and what we shoot. Here are a roll of photos from a $3 camera I got at good will. It’s a Canon point and shoot with a zoom.  Some (most?) suck. Some are not bad. The camera was $3 at goodwill. The film was $5. Developing was $10. If you can’t do remarkably better with whatver Canikon you’re shooting now, maybe you need to rethink what your’re doing and, why?70250001 70250002 70250003 70250004 70250005 70250008 70250009 70250010 70250011 70250012 70250013 70250014 70250015 70250016 70250017 70250018 70250019 70250020 70250021 70250022 70250023 70250024 70250025 70250026 70250027 70250028 70250029 70250030 70250031 70250032 70250033 70250034 70250035



My latest post on my Domestic Violence Awareness Blog

I have a project I’m working on with photos and stories at The driver behind it is the reality that 1:4 women will experience domestic violence at some point in their life. This is horrifying to me.

I did photos with a brave volunteer this Saturday about 6 hours from home, then came home Sunday after going another hour north to stay at my cousin’s house over night. I posted the photos and story tonight. Doing so brought tears to my eyes. I guess there’s supposed to be some shame in that for me, but, I don’t see how you can’t cry, at least internally after reading the story.

I’ll continue to do the work. If they can suffer through it, then be brave enough to share it, then I can do my part…

A painful past
A painful past