In the Delta

A series of photos from a recent trip to the Mississippi Delta. My friend Lowry lives in Mississippi and extols the specialness of the place. I’ve been down 4 or 5 times now. And I’m starting to get it. It seeps into you…

I’m trying out a new feature of the WordPress¬† blogging platform, the ability to add portfolios. We’ll see how it works.

They say a portfolio should be around 20 to 30 photos. We’ll see how that goes. In my most recent trip, I did about 600 photos, and about 79 of them have survived the cutting process so far. Not sure which of the children to kill now.

Church that's falling down in Mississippi
Scene inside a church that’s falling down around itself. Directly across the dirt street is a new church building being built.
Black comedy from  a banner in an abandoned church in the Mississippi Delta
The same falling down church. When I’m in these old churches, I wonder what happened to what must have been a proud parish at one time.
Church window of three panels with ornate cap
Another proud church that time has left behind
Abandoned church in the Delta
This used to be one of the nicer churches in the area, based on the size. Now time and gravity are taking their toll
Active church, cotton gin in the background
The Delta is about, cotton, the land, and religion.
Delta Church with woman's shadow
The shadow of a passerby and a tree on this old church.
Man reading bibles and drinking coffee.
We stopped into the McD’s to fuel up in the morning and this gentleman was fueling up a different way. The Delta is about religion and music too.

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