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Photos I used a Holga camera to make the image

Photo that was accepted to the Bigg’s Museum Biggs Shot Photo Contest NSFW

I couldn’t stand censoring this photo I did a few years back of one of my favorite models in a window. Sorry it’s Not Safe For Work for those that aren’t used to this from me. I love the way the light falls on her, and her expression as she looks out the window and the over all softness of the photo. Is she waiting for someone, or has he left? Is she hiding? The curtains billowing in add to the mystery.  My model has a woman’s figure, not a girls.  I did this with my Holga camera on B&W film. The technique is called chiarscuro when black and white high contrast is used like this. The photo has been accepted at the Biggs Museum here in Dover as part of the Biggs Shot Photography Competition and is up for a $1500 purchase prize.  As an artist, I want my photos to be tasteful, and real. They don’t have to answer all the questions, I’d rather they raise some.

At the Window