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The Vermillion Cliffs from an overlook about an hour before sunset. The views out west were breathtaking! We kept saying “oh my god”, “wow”, “awesome”. “Holy Cows” were responded to with “we’re not Hindus!”. You had to be there….

The new Navajo Bridge, taken from on top of the old one. Both are 500 feet more or less above Lee’s Ferry. Yes it was a tingly moment to be out there! The next bridge over the Colorado River is several hundred miles downstream. More Vermillion cliffs in the background here too.

A walkway near the Hoover Dam. That’s Lake Meade in the background

A glass installation in the Bellagio. I love this artists glass work. There have been shows about it on TV and articles in magazines. Posted by Picasa

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  1. The Vermillion Cliffs picture is absolute beautiful. You will need to frame that one for sure.


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