Southwest pics

We went on a trip to the Southwest, including Vegas, Zion National Park, the Grand canyon, North and South rims, and the Vermillion Cliffs area of Arizona, between the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon. Here are some of the 1000 (!!!) pics I took. I’m going to do 4 posts tonight. Maybe more later. I don’t want to turn into the Cliff Claven of the Grand Canyon!

The Canyon’s stark beauty is evident in this pic from Guano Point on the Hualapi reservation.

Yavapi Point looking towards the north rim.

California Condor! One of 5 we saw at the south rim in a single group. Massive wingspans and white patches on the under side of the wings made it hard to misidentify them. I didn’t notice the tags till I blew up the pics

This is on the North Rim along Bright Angel trail Posted by Picasa