Jacksonville Air Show

I’m in Jacksonville Florida for the night picking up a car from my sister. The Navy is doing an Air Show here this weekend, which I had no idea of when we set the date to do the car thing. I got here today and my sister dumped tim and I off a the air show to be picked up later, after the Blue Angels show. They were awesome! I’d be hard pressed to say who had the better show, but if I had to, I’d say the Blue Angels might be flying a little closer than the Thunderbirds…. Either way, I’m sure I could do it too, being a former astronaut and all!

This one I got by accident, shooting the front one while he did his upside down thing on the main runway while his fellow airmen were looping around in the background.

Number 5 and 7 were both right side up as they approached the runway, 5 flipped over from slightly in front of 7, then 7 pulled up next to 5, all at ~250 mph or so, I guess, oh yeah, about 100 feet off the ground? Easy peasy!

Skyline shot

Thats looking pretty tight to me! Posted by Picasa