Fall shots

These are some spiders ballooning their way around my house today while I was doing some stuff outside. Apparently they will climb up as high as possible, then let these streamers of silk fly, wait for the wind to catch hold, then go for a ride! They were good size spiders too, about 2-3 mm. Bigger than you’d think could fly this way. There must have been hundreds of them in the air, up to 100 feet or higher. I really couldn’t tell from the ground, but they were up there, with the sun highlighting the silk. Cool stuff! Mary wasn’t as appreciative though.

In Brecknock park, there was some light streaming through the trees. I wouldn’t ordinarily like the plant in this first pic!

Two colors on the same branch!

Bugs flying around in the woods. This has to be the last group of the summer!

2 thoughts on “Fall shots”

  1. One of them came down on his strand, he was about 3 mm or so. Pretty small, but, bigger than I would have thought was able to float around!

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