Strobist Jim’s Bourget Custom Harley

My brother in law has a Full custom Bourget motorcycle, amongst other toys. We went over to their house tonight for a bit, and he happened to be there and I had all my gear. Anyways I set this up in his driveway with a carbon based voice activated light stand (his wife, Loretta), Canon 430Ex flash, pocket wizards camera left, sunshine camera right. I’m pretty happy with the shot. I have some others posted on my Flickr page. The only thing I’m not liking is the white socks. He switched out to some cool boots he has and we added his Black Lab in the other photos. I think the light was a little overdone in the other pics, so I liked this best.

I also got some shots of him riding the bike in his development.

I want to try some stuff I saw on Scott Kelby’s blog, but that’ll have to be tomorrow since I’m wiped out tonight!