Another Prize winning photo

While on the cruise, they had a “techspert” giving talks about Microsoft software and stuff you could do with it. One of the things you can do is stitch photos together. This photo of Mendenhall Glacier and a waterfall that just became visible 15 years ago is one I submitted for a contest for people from the ship. Its a stitch of about 10 photos, that overlapped each other. The full size pic is like 8000 x2100 pixels. The photo won! Ok, it was one of 5 or six entered, and the prize was a nice metal frame, but, once again, my mad photographry skills were acknowledged! LOL

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  1. Mendenhall Glacier is what I call my special place. Whenever I get stressed I close my eyes and think about when I first saw the glacier and how crisp the weather was and how quiet the surroundings were. It instantly relaxes me. I'll have to send you a pic I took of it when I was in Alaska in 2006. It's beautiful!

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