Bubble netting humpback whales, Juneau Alaska

We went whale watching near Juneau Alaska. It was frickin awesome. This is a group of humpback whales working co-operatively to get their meal of herring by bubble netting them. Two or three members of the group go underneath the herring and blow basketball size bubbles near the school. The herring get nervous and ball up. Then other whales from the group come up through the middle of the ball and eat the herring. Here are 5 or so whales with their mouths open at the surface after going through the herring. It was an awesome display! More pics later. I’m moving 2800 or so images from the laptop to my main computer even as I blog.

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  1. You were so lucky to see so many at one time. We would see one here and then a few minutes later we'd see another. How about them eagles?

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