Help me, I’ve got GAS!

Gear Acquision syndrome. I bought the Yashica camera off Ebay a little while back, and I’ve been trolling Ebay pretty badly since. Got a Rolleiflex and Rolleicord TLR, they’re both out at a repair center getting a pretty thorough going over. My aunt sent the two SLRs you see on either side of the Yashica, specifically an Olympus OM 10, probably from the late 70s early 80s and the Kodak Retina Reflex, from the late 50s. Both are cool cameras. I’m interested in finding a Rangefinder 35 mm camera like the Canon Canonet too! I’m definitely interested in a medium format folder like these. If you have any old school cameras that are laying around, feel free to send them my way!