There is something seriously wrong with me, seriously, seriously wrong!

I was up at 4 am (thus the “seriously, seriously wrong” movie reference) to go photograph the sunrise at Sandy Point State Park near Annapolis Maryland this morning. I met up with another photographer before sunrise and we set up for the shoots we like to do. JC likes to do HDR stuff. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. He takes anywhere from 3-10 photos at various exposure settings and then blends them in software. For some images, you have to choose whether you want the highlights right, or the shadows, you can’t do both. With HDR, you can get both in one image. JC does it better than many folks I’ve seen. His photos look “natural”, the way your eye might see it. A lot of folks that do HDR go nuts and it looks messed up.

I’ve been messing with long exposures to smooth out water and give it an ethereal look.

Anyways, I got over to the park right behind JC and we got set up about half an hour before sunrise. It was 20 freakin degrees outside. We geared up and went for it. My results are here. I’ll see about getttingĀ  a link to JC’s page and adding it later.

The only downside to this more or less impromptu shoot was I didn’t get back in time to make theĀ  Scholastic Art presentation today at Delaware State College. I’m kind of bummed about that.

Enough talk.

Lighthouse in presunrise glow, Chesapeake Bay Maryland
This was about half an hour before sunrise. Love the smoooooooth water.
Morning light glows on rocks, with smooth water from long exposure and lighthouse in the back
Another long exposure image. I liked the implied triangle between the two rocks in the foreground and the lighthouse in the background
Magnificent view of lighthouse and clouds at sunrise
The light was breathtaking this morning. The clouds were awesome! The light changes so quickly this time of day

Ship crossing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, near Annapolis Maryland at daybreak

Cargo Container ship, and sunrise, Chesapeake Bay
The view was amazing this morning

First ship of the day passing lighthouse

Golden hour sunlight glinting off the rocks, Sandy Point Light House behind it
This light right after sunrise was amazing, and worth the trip.
Archie is a great dog!

4 thoughts on “There is something seriously wrong with me, seriously, seriously wrong!”

  1. Beautiful photos, David! Especially love the one with the two rocks in the foreground with the lighthouse filling out the triangle – the water in that one looks so velvety. The shot of the bridge is also wonderful with the hard silhouette against all that lush color. Bravo! I know it’s easy for ME to say, but I think the trip out into the early morning cold was totally worth it for those photos.

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