Behl: Indian Junk food worth fighting for!

Edited to add (Kanchan corrected my spelling in the comments, thanks Kanchan!) My good friends the Nadkarny’s introduced me to Bale Behl  many years ago. Kanchan makes it as a treat for her picnics or brings the stuff to ours. OMG it’s great. Kanchan says they serve this in the streets of India as a snack food. Basically it’s a kind of Puffed Rice salad. In the past Kanchan used Rice Krispies to make it as the authentic Indian style puffed rice isn’t readily available here in the states. She told me that the Indian food store now carries ready made puffed rice with Thin Sev and some kind of tortilla like cracker already in there.

Ingredients (more or less)

Puffed Rice Mix

Cut up apple



Shoot, I missed the potatoes! Boil some potatoes, chop them up in to cubes about the size of the apples and tomatoes.

Apple butter, tamaraind and date chutney and a green chutney


You saw how much was in the bowls. Use about half of each (except the chutneys) and pour them into a good size mixing bowl with the Puffed rice mix. You’ve got enough tomatoes, apples, potatos and onion for 2 batches.


Onion, Potato and Tomatoes in the bowl

Add a good size scoop of the two chutneys

Then try to mix it up… better move it to a bigger bowl!

When it’s good and mixed, garnish the top with Thin Sev and Cilantro

Put it on the table with the rest of the food, and get out of the way. The stampede can get vicious!

mmmmmmmmm Spicy goodness!

Any errors in the recipe are my fault! Heck, I’m not even sure I spelled Bale Behl right!

Thanks Kanchan and Uday!

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  1. You lucky dude! Next time steal the bowl and call me over! and bring a couple of spoons too!

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