Sometimes you don’t get what you thought. Sometimes you get more than you expected

I went to downtown Dover last evening to take some photos of the plants downtown.

Flowers at Loockerman and Bradford Street, Dover, DE

Flowers in downtown Dover, With view of PNC Bank and the Flag

I’m working on the contest from the Lighting Essentials web page, 8 images that show summer in your town. I’m not sure how those photos are going to come out, but, while downtown, I was approached by Sean, the pan-handler. Who isn’t a druggie, but is a drinker. (Which was plainly in evidence by the beer he had in his hand.) All he needed was $1.80 so he could sleep in the shelter that night. He was from Dover you see, but his family didn’t think too much of him after he tested Positive for HIV. All he needed was $2.80 to stay at the shelter. He used to work on the base as a cook, for ten years, after graduating from DelTech in the culinary arts program. But he’s had HIV for 13 years and all he needed was $4.80 for the shelter room for the night. Because, you see, they would let him stay for 3 nights a month for free, and you had to be up, showered and out by 6 a.m, but after 3 nights in a month you had to pay $5 for a night so he had had like 4 beers yesterday, but he just needed $4.80 for the night. I reached into my pocket and pulled out four ones. “Dude this is all I’ve got” Did I want to take his photo? He could pose for me, but first he’d have to put down his beer.

Sean had a good Rap going... I didn't buy it, but it was original, and interesting


So I did his photo and his buddy (who seemed to be drunk too) came over , “hey man, take my picture!”

Hey man, take my picture too!

I think the photos of Sean and his buddy are more interesting than the flower photos. It was an interesting experience. I don’t usually see this side of Dover, though, I have experienced it in the past.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you don’t get what you thought. Sometimes you get more than you expected”

  1. When preparation and opportunity meet, interesting things can happen. I love the unplanned little things that can pop up when we are out shooting. Nice job, David.

    1. Thanks Don! That means a lot to me as I’ve learned a lot from you and your site!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment. I’m working on my photography skills, so will subscribe here. Look forward to more posts.

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