Catching up, Starting with Denali and Whittier Alaska…

I haven’t posted here in too long. I’ve been posting too much on Facebook and not doing anything here. That seems backwards to me. Anyways, here are some favorites from my recent week long trip to Alaska. Alaska is amazing. I truly had the sense I was on a frontier for most of the trip. It was exhilarating, life affirming and beautiful!

Apparently, it’s pretty rare to see Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park in it’s entirety. We lucked out while we were there

We were in a tour bus In Denali a few days after the first photo on a drizzly day, watching this bear and it’s partner eat berries for 10 or 15 minutes. He decided to follow his partner who had already moved to the other side of the road. Look at those claws!

I liked how the little boat in Whittier Alaska was isolated from the other boats and the shapes.Boats in port, Whittier Alaska

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  1. What a great set Dave. That one of Mt. McKinley is OUTSTANDING. The clarity, color, and composition are just fantastic. I love the action of the bear, and the Holga shot has a great timeless quality that really only seems to come from film. Nicely done.

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