Maryland Eastern Shore Holga photos and Cinematicality

So, I made a new word up. I’m an artist I can do that. I think a lot of my photos, especially my Holga images are best when they hint at a movie that’s never been made or seen, except in our minds. When they have that cinematic feel, I connect with them on some level. This photo was done somewhere on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I’m not sure of exactly where it is because it was the result of me following my nose on a drive. This kind of reminds me of the movie “Psycho” or the TV show “the Adams Family”

I’m fascinated with the old places. This was someones pride and joy when built. I imagine many children playing in the yard. Now, it’s been abandoned to the elements. What happened? Was the only son killed in a war? Did the parents die and leave orphaned children to be sent off out of state?

What story does it bring to your mind?


4 thoughts on “Maryland Eastern Shore Holga photos and Cinematicality”

  1. This is an amazing capture. I live on the shore & my great grandparents died when my grandfather was young. He & his siblings were spread out with other family members. I can imagine this for them when they were young. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Linda! The story I made up was that a string of ancestors owned it until there was a bachelor uncle or old maid aunt and there was no one left to leave it to. Your grandfather’s fate must have been traumatic for him.

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