Free digital files? Are you kidding?

I’m thinking about allowing folks to download and print photos up to 8×10 from my blog. More accurately, actively encouraging them to do so. I’d post them as 800×1000 files. Perfect for printing. They could print as many as they like. They’d probably have my url on the bottom in small print. Maybe do something like a 5×7 image in the center of the 8×10.
Naturally, being a capitalist pig, this isn’t for sunshine and happiness. No, the goal would be for folks to enjoy the small prints and hopefully purchase larger versions at eye gouging prices. Thoughts?

One thought on “Free digital files? Are you kidding?”

  1. Hi David, just in case you have not been reading Dave Beckerman’s blog, you might want to see where he is going with much of that.

    Personally I would just say ‘that I don’t have the foggiest idea’ as to what a good business model would be here. As we used to say in the old days, ‘every-time I know the answer they change the question!

    Let’s know how it works out!

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